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Happy is the man who does not go in the company of sinners, or take his place in the way of evil-doers, or in the seat of those who do not give honour to the Lord.
Psalms 1:1

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經上所說何謂 “愛在家中”7/20/19  7/19/201977
協調合一之體Harmony in the Body  5/2/2019658
在基督堜M解Reconciled in Christ  4/25/2019364
復活的大能Resurrection Power  4/11/2019380
我在主埵陶葝焍 Rejoice in the Lord  3/28/2019388
我要認識耶穌I Want to Know Christ  3/23/2019413
富財主和拉撒路The Rich Man and Lazarus" 2/17/2019  2/14/2019554
人生不再於富有Life Does Not Consist in Abundance" 2/10/2019  2/7/2019589
七十二人之傳教團The Mission of the 72   1/31/2019616
黑暗被擊敗DARKNESS DEFEATED   1/24/2019661
耶穌,醫治者 "Jesus the Healer" 1/20/2019  1/17/2019682
耶穌顯示祂的天職  12/28/2018721
在教堂   12/28/2018715
上帝所寵愛的瑪麗亞God’s Favor on Mary  12/7/2018498
上帝完美的成功God Grants Victory  11/15/2018530
上帝呼召一位新領袖God Calls a New Leader  11/8/20181461
上帝在進行中之應許God’s Ongoing Promise  11/1/2018904
`赦罪並不能擦去罪的影響’‘Forgiveness Does Not Erase the Consequences of Sin’  8/16/20181759
`盼望可除去所有的賭注’‘HOPE AGAINST ALL ODDS’  8/2/20181985
`盼望可除去所有的賭注’‘HOPE AGAINST ALL ODDS  8/2/20181468
上帝有一個計劃God Has a Plan  7/20/20181487
救主的應許The Promise of a Savior  7/13/2018927
向往教會者之挑戰A Challenge to Churchgoers  6/14/20181951
被歡迎的局外人 The Welcomed Outsider  5/24/20181359
Mary: Actively Waiting  5/10/20181909

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