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The blessing of the LORD brings wealth, and he adds no trouble to it.
Proverbs 10:22

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Top News
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Be United for Independence Day and Thereafter  7/2/2017238
Overcome the World 勝過世界  6/10/2017 Meiman Lai Saidi & Benson Wang, Senior Pastor 284
新年談新  1/31/2017380
The Cave of Time (注意時間)  5/19/20161305
母親節 思恩 “無日不然”的愛  5/16/20162027
Needs to Open Our Mouths大大張口  10/2/20151182
Blessings in Disguise 因禍得福  6/11/2015 Pastor Meiman Lai Saidi 2671
LIGHT OF the World will come again  12/19/20144274
We were created to do Hard Things吾人已被神創造可作困難之事  12/12/2014 Pastor Albert Hung 7201
Where Do You Turn to When It All Falls Apart?  10/7/20144631
Where Can Wisdom Be Found?  9/23/20142431
有次序的禱告  7/19/2014 WOTS 720
凡事信靠和順服祂。JUST DO IT  6/13/20142937
信心的操練  6/6/20143190
Revolutionary Servants  4/12/20141953
Reality: When Bad Things Happen  3/15/20142530
How Do You Treat Others?  3/7/20142993
Rebuilding: A Family Affair (2)  1/18/2014 Pastor Tsai 3470
Refuse to Back Down - Stand Firm -   1/17/20142761
Rebuilding: A Family Affair (1)  1/11/2014 Pastor Tsai 3506
Resolutions of New Year  1/4/2014 Dr. Meiman Lai Saidi 1902
耶穌受洗的榜樣  8/25/2013 謝麗彩 傳道 回應: Jeremiah 3274
▲薆珨ロㄛ囟均  8/18/2013 雁s嫖鐘 隙炒 Chang 3146
常懷感恩心、常說謝謝你!  8/11/2013 陳獻平 牧師 D.D Bon 3150
百般恩典的好管家  8/4/2013 黃雅芬 牧師 回應: Yellow 3011

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God Uses Wicked to Accomplish His Purpose (2) 

God Uses Wicked to Accomplish His Purpose (1) 



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