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But your strength, O Lord, is round me, you are my glory and the lifter up of my head.
Psalm 3:3

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Helpful Stories
Title Browsed
上帝完美的成功God Grants Victory  11/15/20186
上帝呼召一位新領袖God Calls a New Leader  11/8/201854
上帝在進行中之應許God’s Ongoing Promise  11/1/201866
慶祝上帝之眷顧、Celebrating God’s Care  10/25/2018120
上帝回應反叛者God Responds to Rebellion  10/18/2018124
上帝呼召過聖潔的生活God’s Call to Holy Living  10/12/2018178
上帝繼續與我們同在God Continues with Us  10/5/2018101
上帝為祂的百姓之計畫God’s Plan for His People  9/28/2018114
一個盟約團體A Covenant Community  9/21/2018122
上帝祝福那被壓迫者God Blesses the Oppressed  9/2/2018307
〝在黑暗中的信心〞〝Faith in the Darkness〞  8/23/2018165
`赦罪並不能擦去罪的影響’‘Forgiveness Does Not Erase the Consequences of Sin’  8/16/2018429
耶利米所信任的朋友’‘The Trusted Friend of Jeremiah’  8/9/2018243
`盼望可除去所有的賭注’‘HOPE AGAINST ALL ODDS’  8/2/2018516
`盼望可除去所有的賭注’‘HOPE AGAINST ALL ODDS  8/2/2018360
`呼喚一個新盟約’The Call to a New Covenant  7/26/2018423
陶匠與泥The Potter and the Clay  7/6/2018429
God’s Answer to a Prophet Lament上帝回應先知耶利米哀歌  6/28/2018268
向往教會者之挑戰A Challenge to Churchgoers  6/14/2018607
回來罷!我要醫治你們 Return to Me! I Will Cure You  6/6/2018319
耶利米: 上帝的代言者 Jeremiah: God’s Mouthpiece  6/1/2018555
被歡迎的局外人 The Welcomed Outsider  5/24/2018495
在教會中的婦女 Women in the Church  5/17/2018366
Mary: Actively Waiting  5/10/2018765
The Forgiven Sinner 罪人得赦免  5/3/2018745

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God Uses Wicked to Accomplish His Purpose (2) 

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